Chen Xi China cityscape,city,documentary,building,people
Chen Xi

Born in Fujian Province, China, Chen Xi, whose English name is Stanley Chen, is studying Natural Resources and Environment in University of Michigan. Besides Hip-hop dance, Stanley is downright fond of photographing and excellent in landscape and portrait photography.

While being an exchange student to Europe in 2013, Stanley had a precious chance to meet different cultures and take lots of unforgettable moments, which became a significant milestone in his life. Afterwards, he had stepped 45 countries and traveled extensively throughout five continents.

With widened view on those lands, Stanley believes that the next photo is always the best one, and the next destination is always the best place to take travel photographs.

At the age of being student, Stanley was on his growth phase and had no idea about own future as other youths. To be sure, however, Stanley clearly knows that the camera and lens are guiding him to his most correct direction.



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